Foldeco is a company that specializes in the production of products for the furniture and construction industries.  

Accessories for drawers made by Foldeco

Foldeco is a company that specializes in the production of products for the furniture and construction industries. In particular we specialize in making drawers and panels for any use, we offer multiple solutions to achieve the best results of functionality and aesthetics.        

We take care of the entire process: from the design of the accessory, to the choice of the best materials of the best quality; from the automated processing of raw materials, to the artisanal finishing. Foldeco provides all of the necessary services in order to create a unique and personalized product.   

Accessories offered for drawers

Foldeco assembles without cost to the customers, the guides and slides for drawers. Contact us and discover the different  possibilities of assembly. These are simple and resistant guides that, unlike other devices, serve for any type of furniture and materials.  

The lateral guides consist of two pieces that are installed on the side of the drawer box, and another pair of slides that is fixed on the side of the cabinet aligned with those of the drawer. Once the drawer is inserted into the cabinet, the plastic wheels slide smoothly over the furniture slide. They are very durable and withstand daily use.     

Accessories for kitchen drawers

How can one organize spaces in the kitchen? One of the best ways is to have drawers with more resistant fittings and equipped with interior dividers. These drawers can be equipped with telescopic guides for comfortable openings and slow and soft closures. In work environments such as the kitchen or workshop, the telescopic guides allow for a complete view of the drawers contents.     

These types of devices are very resistant and can be installed in large drawers as well. We are referring to the drawers under stoves where heavier kitchen ware is stored.     

Drawers with progressive closure

This is a class of drawers equipped with breaking mechanisms. It serves specifically for the lower mounting rails. These drawers close slowly and without noise, regardless of the force applied to the front of the drawer. Progressive closure drawers are perfect for work environments such as factories and restaurant kitchens for their ease of handling and resistance.     

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