We manufacture wooden drawers for different models of adult bedroom furniture, our parts and wooden drawers are manufactured with particleboards or medium-density fibreboards of different thickness sizes.

Cajón de 3 lados para cocinas

A) 3-Sided Drawer + Drawer Face

Available in different textures
Cajón 4 lados para cocinas

B) 4-sided Drawer

4-sided drawer for bedrooms
Custom Drawer box made for business

C) Drawer with hidden slider drills

Drawer with all drills you need for all hidden sliders

Custom Drawers made for every place

Foldeco is a manufacturer of wooden drawers in different materials and configurations. In addition to the design and manufacture of the drawers, Foldeco offers different guide, opening and closing systems, adapted to the environment and level of use that the drawer will receive.
The drawers represent the being raison of the furniture. They provide the most convenient way to store and order objects thanks to their configuration possibilities through accessories.

Foldeco, according to the client's needs, manufactures compartmentalized drawers in a special way to be incorporated into the furniture in:

Kitchen custom drawers: compartmentalized cutlery trays, knife racks, pot drawers, etc.
Bathroom custom drawers: grids, separators for the use of small drawers, etc.
Living room custom drawers: different aesthetic finishes, special drawers for dressers, etc.
Dressing room custom drawers: shoe rack, interior drawer of the wardrobe to increase its capacity, etc.
Office custom drawers for business: desk drawers, heavy drawer rails, etc.

Foldeco is a factory of wooden drawers that adapts to the client's specifications, in addition to providing its own design solutions, the result of its years of experience, which optimize the result of the project. Consequently, the Foldeco product range unites durability, aesthetics and performance.

Trust your furniture project to Foldeco and discover storage solutions in personalized drawers.
And now that you are here, we invite you to take a closer look at each of our personalized services

Kitchen custom drawers

The daily shuffling and the conditions of the kitchen affect the materials and functioning of the furniture. The kitchen is that space of the house where, in addition to cooking, the family lives together since in many homes it serves as a dining room. Comfort and warmth, as well as aesthetics, make it the heart of the home. From a more practical point of view, the kitchens are also the rooms that usually influence the decision to rent or buy a house.


The kitchen drawers are highly customisable and on many occasions have to be made to measure. Cabinets can be added under the kitchen sink by adjusting its backside in a U-shape to protect the drainpipe. In the modern housing in the cities, kitchen furniture should allow for the maximum utilisation of space. For example, the incorporation of a drawer unit embedded in the skirting boards, a solution for small kitchens that creates a great storage space.

Custom drawers for children's furniture with wheels

The drawers to hide under the bed in the young ones' bedrooms offer you storage solutions for toys or bed linens. These drawers, which may or may not have a lid, can be handled safely and quickly, thanks to the wheels on their corners.

In the case of small children's furniture, for home as well as for schools and crèches, the most appropriate material should be used. The particleboard and medium-density fibreboard (MDF), despite an apparent similarity, offer different qualities. It is obvious that children's furniture will receive a rougher treatment than other types of furniture, and the material, the hardware and the assemblage must offer special resistance. The shelves, furniture and drawer units made with MDF make for the perfect choice.

Drawers for chest of drawers

In the modern houses, space needs to be optimised and the storage areas should be organised in such a way that it does not occupy too much of the useful surface. A chest of drawers is a kind of furniture that consists of boxes stacked one above another.

The drawer units, incorporated into the cabinets, dressing rooms, or in other rooms of the house, contribute to the better organisation of objects and garments. They can also turn out to be decorative elements integrated into the aesthetics chosen for the home.

The drawers for drawer units are custom manufactured to meet the demand for furniture with multiple configurations. A drawer unit incorporated into a cabinet or as an independent element allows you to organise the objects more efficiently.







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Blanco Style

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Gris tormenta



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Custom Drawers in every room

Multiple uses of Foldeco drawer units

Whether in homes or in workplaces, the drawer units are very versatile elements. The models with wheels, moreover, facilitate mobility. They can be placed in the workshop, the dining room, under a bedroom dresser, or next to the office desk; their applications are endless.

The specifications of drawers for drawer units and their distribution or quantity may vary according to the client's needs. You can also choose the ones with the pull-open or slide mechanisms. All you need to do is contact us at Foldeco and let us know what you need so we can design a customised solution for you.


We present you our custom drawers



We manufacture wooden drawers for different models of adult room furniture, our pieces and wooden drawers are made of chipboard or medium-density fiberboard with different thicknesses.

Solutions for space in bedrooms, customizable wooden drawers to reorganize all kinds of space under the beds. Finished in all kinds of materials and adapted to the design of the bedroom and/or bed

Personalization is the current trend in furniture manufacturing. The drawers of the furniture in the adult rooms seek more than simple utility. The 21st century buyer also pays attention to details such as the aesthetic finish, the ease of handling, or the environmentally friendly manufacturing process. Both in ergonomics, capacity and materials, furniture and its accessories adapt to people, and not the other way around.

Drawers for adult room furniture do not need the characteristics of children's furniture drawers, which receive harsh treatment. Furniture for adults can integrate more delicate elements, such as the small drawers of a chest of drawers with decorative fittings. In the same way, the design of furniture for adults can also be more complex, specialized in certain uses, or provide a certain aesthetic sensation to the room.

The minimalist decoration, in vogue for today's fast pace of life, is based on a mixture of simplicity and elegance. In the furniture, straight lines and simplicity prevail, and the finishes and accessories are combined with the decoration to provide a relaxed atmosphere. With the drawers for adult room furniture from Foldeco, a minimalist decorative project can be created at a good price.

Drawers for adult rooms are highly customizable and on many occasions must be made to measure.

They are solutions for storage and organization of all the elements that we can have in a room for adults.


Custom drawers for closets with walk-in closets or walk-in closets

If you need to furnish your future home from scratch, or renovate your bedroom, you can opt for the trendy solution: the walk-in closet. It is a solution that allows you to optimize both the closet space and the remaining space in the home. The built-in dressing room also requires shelves or drawers, which can be prefabricated or made to measure: Foldeco's specialty

The walk-in closet is not necessarily expensive and can be cheaper than a solid wood wardrobe. If you are renovating the house, it is only necessary to add two drywall walls with a door and prefabricated units with drawers to equip the walk-in closet. In total, the masonry work, hangers, drawers and shelves, not to exceed the cost of a medium wardrobe.


Youth bedrooms are spaces that require a cheerful, functional and resistant decoration. The original and creative designs include elements such as a study area with its corresponding shelves and drawers, or storage spaces under the bed. The possibility of ordering custom furniture allows you to take advantage of any space, no matter how small. Another advantage consists in the customization of the tops and fronts of the drawers with tones that match that of the wall; or in contrast, according to your tastes.

Children's and adolescents' bedrooms are multifunctional rooms, because they serve as a resting area, as a playroom and as a study area at the same time. Each age requires a certain use, and youth furniture drawers must be designed and manufactured with the long term in mind, because they must withstand intensive and disrespectful use by their young users.

The bedroom is the room in the home to which special attention is dedicated to combine its functionality with an atmosphere that provides relaxation and privacy. Over the years, nightstands, chests of drawers and chiffonieres or weekly cabinets (a taller and narrower type of chest of drawers that usually has seven drawers) will serve to store very different objects. Children, as they grow and mature, need constant adaptation to their bedroom furniture needs.

The drawers of the furniture for youth bedrooms must combine aesthetics and resistance. Aesthetics is provided thanks to the variety of melamine finishes. From white varieties that combine with any decorative line, to more daring tones that recreate textile appearances. Drawers and furniture can also be customized with classic finishes, where the grain of the wood can be appreciated, such as beech, oak or sapelli.

Regarding the resistance of the furniture, Foldeco offers multiple customizations, such as boards in different densities and with decorative coatings that can be water-repellent, like those of kitchen furniture) that provide extra resistance. You can also configure different fittings and extraction systems for the drawers of bedside tables, cabinets and chests of drawers so that they can withstand daily and rough use.

The children's bedroom that serves as a game room, in less time than you imagine, becomes the room of a teenager who needs a space adapted to their new needs: the nightstand that used to store small toys becomes the storage place of personal objects or stationery, or the dresser in the bedroom where children's clothes were kept, now it keeps textbooks, computer consumables or chargers for electronic devices.

A study table with a drawer, or an individual drawer with wheels and a variable number of drawers, provide versatility when configuring youth bedrooms for their multiple functions. You can convert a chest of drawers, nightstand or chest of drawers with a simple change of fittings or incorporation of wheels, and extend its useful life, thanks to the structural uniformity of fiberboard, which facilitates its machining.

The drawers to hide under the bed in the bedrooms of the youth of the house offer you storage solutions for toys or bedding. These drawers, which may or may not have a lid, can be handled safely and quickly thanks to the wheels on their corners.

In the case of children's furniture, both at home and for schools and nurseries, the most appropriate material should be considered. Chipboard and medium density fiberboard (DM or MDF), despite an apparent similarity, offer different qualities. It is to be expected that children's furniture receives a rougher treatment than other types of furniture, and the material, fittings and assemblies must offer special resistance. Shelves, furniture and drawers made of DM are the perfect choice.



Custom manufacture of drawers for baby bedroom furniture. Designed with all the security measures and for the use that is going to be made of this type of furniture in terms of materials

Drawers for baby bedrooms, robustness and safety combined with a custom design:

The essential requirements for baby bedroom furniture are: safety, ergonomics, and resistance. The tables and dressers for changing the baby are designed with a stable structure with anti-fall barriers, and firm drawers that do not slip.

Drawers for baby rooms, where powder and other products can be stored, should also have a secure lock so that the child cannot access the interior when he grows up and begins to explore his environment.

The boards used in furniture and drawers for baby rooms incorporate treatments free of polluting products, such as the Foldeco line of boards with zero aldehyde emissions.


We manufacture wooden drawers for different models of independent drawers, our pieces and wooden drawers are made of chipboard or medium-density fiberboard with different thicknesses.

We use these drawers to store clothes or objects that are not located in the closets

The drawers are furniture that can be located in any room of the house and its function is storage and organization.

In current homes, space is optimized, and storage areas must be organized so that they do not cover too much useful surface. The chest of drawers is furniture that consists of drawers stacked in height.

Drawers, incorporated in closets, dressing rooms, or in other rooms of the house, contribute to the organization of objects and clothes. They can also be decorative elements integrated into the aesthetics chosen for the home.

The drawers for chests of drawers are made to measure to meet the demand for furniture with multiple configurations. A chest of drawers incorporated into a wardrobe or as a stand-alone element allows you to organize objects efficiently



We offer you a wide range of textures and materials and different colors, so you can design your drawers to measure, compatible with any type of bathroom and design.

Drawer for storage under the sink

The siphon box has a U-shaped bottom that allows the drain or other architectural elements to be saved. This layout makes it possible to save space under the sink or washbasin, as the piping makes it difficult to install flat-bottomed drawers.

A siphon drawer can be part of a module for bathroom or kitchen furniture. Both rooms, in a current urban dwelling, share the characteristics that they are usually small rooms, and the storage volume needs to be maximized.


¿How to make a salvasiphon drawer for your Project?

Due to the frequent humidity that a drawer is subjected to under a sink, the perfect manufacturing material is MDF with a water-repellent treatment finished in melamine. Wood without proper treatment, even though it is cheaper, tends to accumulate moisture and bulge.

MDF is a product made from wood scraps, such as shavings or other processing waste. The fibers are subjected to a treatment to eliminate lignin, they are pressed and binder products are added. The final product is a dense board with a uniform surface, suitable for receiving paint or decorative foils.

This material is easy to work with tools and at the same time does not crumble. If to its virtues we add that it costs less than natural wood, it is easy to understand its wide use in the furniture industry.


Advantages of a custom-made siphon box

Those who opt for custom kitchen drawers adapt the furniture to the entire available space and take advantage of every millimeter of storage space.

The Foldeco company has the capacity to manufacture orders for a large volume of custom units, with the consequent lowering of the budget.

The drawers made to measure by Foldeco, especially the special ones such as the salvasiphon, offer the advantage of being able to adapt to existing furniture. The laminate front offers multiple finishes to fit in with your home decor, or renew it. In certain cases, if the furniture allows it, a storage space will be created in a space that was previously closed with a door.

If you need to furnish a space with particular dimensions that are not adaptable to standard products, or if you have a certain idea that you want to materialize, contact Foldeco. Together we will evaluate the feasibility of your idea, we design and manufacture it optimizing your budget.

The drawers made to measure by Foldeco, especially the special ones such as the salvasiphon, offer the advantage of being able to adapt to existing furniture. The laminate front offers multiple finishes to fit in with your home decor, or renew it. In certain cases, if the furniture allows it, a storage space will be created in a space that was previously closed with a door.

If you need to furnish a space with particular dimensions that are not adaptable to standard products, or if you have a certain idea that you want to materialize, contact Foldeco. Together we will evaluate the feasibility of your idea, we design and manufacture it optimizing your budget.



Custom manufacture of drawers for cabinets of any type and design. We adapt our drawers to any dimension and material.

Drawers for cabinet drawers: increase storage space

A typical wardrobe or dressing room configuration consists of a mezzanine above, and the drawers down to half height (or less if it is going to serve as a shoe rack). The space above the chest of drawers can also be used with shelves.

Foldeco drawer units are the optimal storage system for wardrobes, dressing rooms, shoe cabinets or as a complement to other furniture. The chest of drawers allows you to order clothes by season, by the use they have, or by type of garment. Frequently used clothes are stored closer at hand, and those that you don't touch because of the season, or because you wear them less, are stored in the attic.

Adapt the drawer unit to the available space, and Foldeco creates the drawers for you. They can also be configured with dividers or other organizing elements depending on the use, such as drawers made to store kitchen cutlery.

In terms of materials, the board with the ideal material to withstand daily use is medium-density laminate, or MDF. This material allows decorative melamine finishes for its aesthetic fit in any environment.


Drawers for any type of cabinet

We are manufacturers of boards and drawer units for cabinets, desks, work centers and any other location where you need storage solutions. Multiply the space inside a wardrobe, or transform the furniture in the entrance of your house into a practical shoe rack with the addition of custom-made drawers. You can also take advantage of the space under your bed, and it incorporates several drawers to turn it into a large capacity sofa. For your drawers, you can also get interior dividers to improve the organization of stored objects.



We manufacture custom drawers for all types of desks with different materials and measurements.

A place for each object on your work table. Discover a range of chests of drawers and desk drawers with excellent value for money. Foldeco designs its products with the most commonly used storage configurations in office furniture, such as desk drawers, work tables, drawers, filing cabinets or lockers, among other furniture.

Foldeco desk drawers are manufactured adapted to different available spaces and aesthetic lines. The personalized designs adapt to any style and need, both in individual pieces of furniture, such as drawers for desks and work tables.

An element of office furniture that stands out for its versatility is the drawer unit to be placed under the desk. This accessory allows you to transform an ordinary table into a work table and, in the case of drawer units with wheels, it increases the ergonomics and configuration possibilities of your office furniture.


In the case of drawer units with wheels, if they are made with the same height as your desk top, they can serve as a side table and increase the surface of your work area. You can also hide the drawer under the desk, and incidentally you get a variable number of drawers. Another option is to use the cojonera as an independent piece of furniture in the office, with the function of a chest of drawers or filing cabinet.

The melamine finishes allow the fronts of the drawers, or visible boards of the furniture, to be combined with the color palette of a work environment. In addition to getting storage solutions tailored to your needs, furniture can be customized with your corporate colors in offices or offices.

Foldeco desk drawers offer a wide variety of configurations and are complemented by interior accessories such as dividers. The range of drawers tailored for your business includes the possibility of mechanizations to incorporate a key lock, or with an intelligent padlock to protect valuables on your desk.

We put at your disposal the following wooden drawers for desks.


Kitchen drawers made to measure

The daily transfer and the conditions of the kitchen influence the materials and functioning of the furniture. The kitchen is a space in the house where, in addition to cooking, the family lives, since in many homes it serves as a dining room. Comfort and warmth, as well as aesthetics, make it the heart of the home. From a more practical point of view, kitchens are also the rooms that tend to have a decisive influence on the decision to rent or buy a house.



The material of the kitchen furniture and accessories, especially those close to the work area or the countertop, must have a water-repellent treatment with high resistance to humidity, especially if they are installed in professional kitchens. Fittings and door and drawer handles must offer resistance to constant use and have good ergonomics, even with gloves and wet hands.

Pull-out and ergonomic kitchen drawers

Among the special drawers in the kitchen, the saucepan drawer stands out for storing pots, pans, casseroles and larger household items. These are drawers of special resistance to weight. Other drawers can be enhanced by adding internal organizers for dishes or other sorting systems for cutlery

Kitchen drawers are highly customizable and on many occasions must be made to measure. Drawers can be added under the sink with the adaptation of its U-shaped bottom to save the drain pipe. In today's city homes, kitchen furniture should allow you to make the most of the space. An example is the incorporation of a drawer unit embedded in the plinth, a solution for small kitchens that creates a large storage space.



Many current urban dwellings are small or medium in size. The little availability of space results in the size of the kitchen, where every centimeter used counts. In a modern kitchen, the furniture is customized according to the available space, and must allow various configurations. Quality, design, capacity and reliability are the characteristics that drawers for kitchen cabinets must have, because they are elements that are used daily.

The drawers and drawers for kitchen cabinets are the accessories in which the functionality of the furniture rests. The drawer accessories for kitchen cabinets, from fittings, guides or cutlery dividers, among other elements, allow you to exploit the interior space to the maximum.

Drawers for kitchen cabinets, in addition to intensive use, also face an environment with the presence of humidity and frequent temperature changes that accelerate the deterioration of furniture that is not made for the kitchen.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and its condition and appearance decide most of the decisions to buy, sell or rent a home. The furniture deserves special attention in terms of the good appearance and functionality of countertops, doors and drawers for kitchen cabinets.



Foldeco designs and manufactures laminates and drawers for any type of project. We create the entire drawer, or any loose part you need, such as fittings and runners. Dining room furniture can be renewed and given a second life by changing boards, fronts or sides.

In today's smaller urban dwellings, rooms such as the living room or the kitchen have a double use, as they also serve as a dining room. Chests of drawers, sideboards and cabinets with doors are accessories that can be integrated into any room. With the finishes in various shades, you can adapt the style of the furniture to the decoration of a specific room.

Discover the different drawer design configurations available to optimize the organization of the furniture and add a touch of design to the rest of the house.


Drawers for dining room furniture: dressers, sideboards and display cabinets

Sideboards do double duty as living room furniture and dining room organization. Everything remains in order when there are many drawers available. Tablecloths, napkins, candles for romantic dinners - it is difficult to find a place for everything. Fortunately, there are our buffets and our furniture, available in many different styles, perfectly coordinated with tables and chairs.

Foldeco offers a variety of models and materials to coordinate your projects with the rest of the furniture. Interior accessories for dining room furniture drawers transform cluttered drawers with unused nooks and crannies into functional and organized spaces. From cutlery trays to dividers and compartments, the accessories optimize the interior of the drawers and allow easy finding of objects.


Drawers in dining room furniture for TV

The dining room furniture where to locate the television can be from sideboards to wooden drawers, with or without wheels. The TV is an appliance present in almost all homes. The important thing is that the appliance is in the correct position, ventilated and stable for safe operation.

A chest of drawers where to locate the television must be made with resistant boards that support the weight of the device. At the same time, the piece of furniture must be light and easy to move in order to frequently manipulate the back or side of the device and connect it to a console, PC or other device. Foldeco can design a project that, in addition to accommodating the television, also includes drawers or spaces to store movies or other accessories, or shelves to place the game console.


Design and acquire DRAWERS for your closet in KIT

Foldeco kit cabinets for all home and office needs, with modern lines and traditional style, adaptable to small and large environments. The assortment of proposals is constantly updated, and we also present solutions tailored to the decorative line of the bedroom, bathroom, office, or other environments.



The kit wardrobe is cheaper than other types of furniture, due to the savings in labor in its assembly, design and optimized manufacturing. Another characteristic to take into account is the maximum adaptation of the product to the specifications required by the client.

Particularly noteworthy are the modular and multifunctional configurations. For example, a sideboard can be introduced harmoniously in different environments, such as an office, a children's room or a kitchen. They are elements that are dimensioned according to the available space and, later, their functions can be expanded or changed by adding more modules.

The variety of colors available in the finishes can be consulted on the web. From a more vintage kit drawer, in an oak tone, to the most modern ones in gray and anthracite, the chromatic integration of the furniture is guaranteed in any environment.

A very important aspect of all Foldeco's production is the company's adherence to the most rigorous agreements and standards of environmental respect. The commitment begins from the raw material selection process, to the use of agglomerates with minimal emissions.



Thinking of the end customer and, ultimately, the furniture assembler, we recommend opting for kit drawers, gualderas, which minimize the customer's risk of making a mistake in the assembly.

Check that there is enough space for the doors to swing. In the case of tall furniture, the door does not interfere with ceiling lamps or sconces.

Take into account the space you require for the assembly of the furniture. A small piece of furniture can be assembled where you prefer and then moved, while a large piece of furniture is more advisable to assemble in its final location.

Drawers for shoe cabinets in kit: affordable quality solution

Purchasing a kit shoe rack offers advantages such as ease of transport or unbeatable value for money. In addition, the ability to assemble it easily and quickly saves time and labor cost.

Foldeco manufactures SPECIAL DRAWERS for shoe cabinets in kits adapted to customer specifications, both in configuration and in aesthetic finish. Likewise, Foldeco has manufacturing methods and the infrastructure to deal with large volume orders.



The kit shoe rack is made of materials such as chipboard and MDF. It is a coating that offers resistance to scratching and durability, as well as a variety of colors that allows the shoe rack to be integrated into the decorative line of any room.

Kit shoe racks can be covered in melamine in multiple shades to fit in any environment. From the sober and popular sapelli or oak, to the modern aluminum and anthracite tones, and imitation of textile fabrics such as linen. And if you want a kit shoe rack that matches any color palette, the white polypropylene finish represents the ultimate integration.

A custom shoe rack becomes a very versatile aid that can be incorporated into any room or hallway in the house. As for the configuration, you only have to expose your needs. A shoe rack can consist of a simple pouffe with a camouflaged drop door, up to cabinets with several doors, trampolines and shelves. They can also be autonomous furniture, shoe racks incorporated into a wardrobe, and shoe racks to be fixed to the wall.



You can increase the storage capacity of a conventional wardrobe and take advantage of the space under the clothes hanging on the upper bar; or use the typical specific furniture in the hall.

A modular kit shoe rack is a good solution if you don't have much of a budget to begin with. A modular design consists of different self-contained elements that can be configured in different ways to suit the environment. With the addition of several simple modular elements, the furniture can grow over time.

Shoe cabinets in cheap and quality kit; beautiful and stylish, easy to assemble and adapted to your needs. Contact Foldeco and expose your project, and the manufacturing adapts to you.

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