Support to slide open and close each one of the various drawers


Drawer slides are the mechanisms that allow the drawers of the furniture, such as writing desks or filing cabinets, to slide open and close. In the past, the drawers used to slide on wooden elements created within the same piece of furniture with the same material.

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Metal drawer slides

The most economical solution for the drawer runners, we can provide these assembled into the ones with anchor bolts and disassembled in the case of models with screws. We have different sizes available ranging from 250 mm to 600 mm in length and different colours to adapt to your furniture. In case of the pre-assembled slides, the drawers are arranged on the pallet, as shown in the picture. Also, we provide slides to be inserted in the channel of the runner. Consult us before doing any research.

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Concealed drawer slides

The decline in price of this slide in recent years has made it an optimal solution for the furniture with better value for money, as it offers a differentiating factor to the customer without turning out to be expensive. As you already know, these slides require a special mechanical function in the drawer, both at the back and on the sides, even on the front side depending on the manufacturer of the slide and the specifications of the hardware. At Foldeco, we can perform absolutely all kinds of mechanisation, just ask us.

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Concealed soft-close slide

Light, invisible and noise-free, these are the best quality slides available in the market. With the built-in brake system, you will get an excellent final touch for your furniture. At Foldeco, we prepare your drawer in a way that the slides can be inserted in them and we sell them with the soft-close feature in 3 lengths: 350 mm, 400 mm and 450 mm.

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